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It's not one person who doesn't get your JavaScript, and 99 people who are all fine. This analysis illustrates the scale of IndieWeb’s community of builders and identifies a centre of influence, but cannot thoroughly explain who is included or excluded from this centre or why. Two readers that had previously been built by members of IndieWeb’s community offered some of the features I wanted. In addressing these questions, what JafariNaimi, Nathan, and Hargraves (2015) term the identify/apply logic common to values and design research was well-suited to describing situations in which a specific type of practice was codified, such as in IndieWeb’s principles. In these practices of knowledge and resource sharing, it becomes evident that IndieWeb’s values extend beyond the self. By distinguishing between planning and executing design in this question, I used the concept of division of labour to consider how concentrations of influence may operate with regard to both the definition of values and other goals and the actual work of building IndieWeb software, websites, and other artifacts.
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Thursday, August 3, 2023