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Rebekah Vardy has insisted she felt 'sorry' for  in a cutting jibe about her rival WAG's marriage troubles in the latest tell-all interview following the end of the pair's libel battle. <br>Coleen's relationship with Wayne has been marred by various cheating scandals - with the footballer's antics repeatedly making national headlines. <br>Mrs Vardy said she messaged her fellow WAG when she became a subject of press stories because she 'felt sorry for her', as she once again denied fishing for personal information to leak to the press. <br>'I felt sorry for her because there was so much negative press about her,' she told .  'It wasn't because I was trying to get private information off her, I was just trying to be supportive.'  <br>Asked if she had ever offered Mrs Rooney a place to stay when she was having marriage problems, she giggled and said: 'Which time was this?'<br>She continued in the televised interview: 'I did. And that was genuine. An act of solidarity. To say, ''Look, I am here if you need me. What you are going through is horrible and I wouldn't want anyone to go through it''.<br>'It's a bit of a bitter pill to swallow but life goes on. That is not my beef.  I don't want to look at people and think, ''Well I did that for you so you should've done this for me'.' <br>The WAG's comments may raise eyebrows given her insistence in an earlier interview that 'life is too short to be resentful'. <br>      (image:  )    Rebekah Vardy said she messaged Coleen Rooney when she became a subject of press stories because she 'felt sorry for her', as she once again denied fishing for personal information to leak to the press<br>          (image:  )        Mrs Rooney pictured arriving with husband Wayne to the High Court in London in May earlier this year<br>Childhood sweethearts Coleen and Wayne have been together for 20 years and have four boys.<br>But it hasn't all been plain sailing, with Wayne's sex life first making national headlines when he was found to have visited three prostitutes as a teenager.<br>In 2004 after Wayne, then aged 18, moved to Manchester United, it was discovered he had paid £140 for sex with prostitute Charlotte Glover, 21.<br>It was also claimed that at a brothel in Liverpool he slept with Gina McCarrick, then 37, and grandmother Patricia Tierney, then 48, who wore a rubber catsuit and was known as the 'Auld Slapper'.<br>Wayne was found to be having secret hotel sessions with £1,000-a-night prostitute Jenny Thompson and fellow call girl Helen Wood while Coleen was pregnant with their first son, Kai.<br>Their last meeting was in October 2009, a month before Coleen gave birth.<br>In 2017, Wayne was alleged to have enjoyed a 'kiss and cuddle' with another woman before being arrested for drink driving while Coleen was pregnant with their fourth child.<br>The footballer was charged with drink-driving after being caught behind the wheel of a VW Beetle belonging to a woman he picked up after a 10-hour drinking session while his pregnant wife and three sons were on holiday.<br>Lettings agent worker Laura Simpson, 29, said the pair had 'kissed and cuddled' and she would have 's*****d' him if he had not been pulled over by the police. <br>  RELATED ARTICLES                  Share this article Share    In another interview clip released today, Mrs Vardy revealed she was still in touch with her former agent Caroline Watt - as she broke down in tears while thanking her husband Jamie for his support.<br>A High Court judge ruled on Friday that the 40-year-old worked with Ms Watt to leak stories to The Sun. The agent withdrew from the case for mental health reasons but was repeatedly mentioned in evidence.<br>In a short clip released ahead of the interview tonight on TalkTV, Mrs Vardy replied 'yeah' when asked if she was still speaking to Ms Watt.  'I have spoken to her a couple of times,' she said.<br>Asked by presenter Kate McCann whether Ms Watt had expressed her remorse for leaking stories, Mrs Vardy replied: 'It is not a conversation that we've had.<br>'It's not a conversation that I'd want to talk about with her just purely because I'm so conscious of her mental wellbeing and you know, how, how it's affected her as well.'<br>When Ms McCann pushed the WAG on whether she felt 'let down' by her former agent, she replied: 'Well, come on, you can't ask me that.'<br>In a second teaser clip, Mrs Vardy thanked her footballer husband Jamie and their children, for their support. The couple are parents to Sofia, seven, Finley, five, and two-year-old Olivia Grace, and Rebekah has two children from previous relationships, Megan, 16 and Taylor, 12.  Jamie also has one child from a previous relationship.<br>Asked by Ms McCann what her message to Jamie would be, Mrs Vardy began to tear up.<br>'You'll make me cry,' she said. 'I don't know, it's a tough one. It's quite a private one as well. But I think it would just probably be a thank you for just supporting me through everything. And not just him but the kids.'  <br>      (image:  )    In a short clip released ahead of the interview tonight on TalkTV, Rebekah Vardy replied 'yeah' when asked if she was still speaking to her former agent, Caroline Watt.  'I have spoken to her a couple of times,' she said.<br>      (image:  )    A High Court judge ruled on Friday that Mrs Vardy worked with Ms Watt to leak stories to The Sun. Ms Watt withdrew from the case for mental health reasons but was repeatedly mentioned in evidence.  They are both pictured at a TV event <br>It comes as body language expert Judi James said Mrs Vardy appeared 'tense and protective' in interviews discussing the fallout of the Wagatha Christie saga.<br>Ms James noted that the WAG keeps her eyes to the floor during the exchanges before looking up when she is seeking to 'gain empathy'.<br>Ms James, who has authored 26 books on body language, contrasted Mrs Vardy's 'emotional' display in the interviews with TalkTV and The Sun against her steely show in court.<br>'Her appearances during the trial involved tailored, dour business suits; immaculate, severe hairstyling and a raised chin and focused staring ahead that seemed to signal decisiveness, strength and vindication,' she told MailOnline.<br>'Her recent Instagram photo showed a punk warrior, walking away from the camera throwing a defiant V sign.<br>'Now we are being shown a pared-down, bare-faced and tousled-hair Rebekah during these interview clips, leaking emotional hints and cues like a sieve as her body performs the equivalent of a more self-contained poker face.'<br>During the first teaser released by TalkTV, mother-of-five Mrs Vardy insisted she did not leak stories and said she felt 'let down by the legal system'.<br>The clip ended with Rebekah, the wife of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, bowing her head with tears in her eyes.<br>Meanwhile, in a televised interview with The Sun, revealed the moment she asked Coleen Rooney: 'What the f*** is this?' following her now infamous Wagatha Christie post, in which she was accused of leaking a slew of stories about her WAG rival to the press.<br>Ms James described Mrs Vardy's body pose in the clips as 'intentionally un-communicative, tense and self-protective'.<br>'Her chair is angled slightly towards the cameras and her leg is crossed away from the interviewer in a closed, barriered gesture,' she said.<br>'Her hands are clasped carefully to the side of her lap and this clasp seems to prevent any emotional leakage during these clips, even though at one point we can see them undulating as though she is trying to contain her emotions.'<br>      (image:  )      James said: 'Her recent Instagram photo showed a punk warrior, walking away from the camera throwing a defiant V sign. Now we are being shown a pared-down, bare-faced and tousled-hair Rebekah during these interview clips, leaking emotional hints and cues like a sieve as her body performs the equivalent of a more self-contained poker face'<br>The body language expert suggested her eyes betrayed a similar determination not to reveal her true feelings.<br>'In these clips Rebekah's eye movements suggest a desire to shield her thoughts via some cut-off rituals,' she said.<br>'She is often looking downward as she speaks, with an eye-dart suggesting she is recalling what happened.  When she looks up it tends to be at the end of her statements here.<br>'She seems to look up more easily when she is trying to gain empathy. Her point ''You know when you read something...'' is an attempt at shared experiences with the interviewer as she talks about being trolled.<br>'Her ''smile'' at this point looks ironic or stoic, with the lips closed and the corners of the mouth pulled down.'<br>Mrs Vardy told The Sun that she had to stop taking her children to their father, Jamie Vardy's football games due to chants directed at her.<br>'As a mum, all you want to do is shield your children from all that s*** and sometimes it's just impossible to do,' she said.<br>      (image:  )        Mrs Vardy and her Leicester City footballer husband Jamie pictured together outside the High Court on May earlier this year<br>Ms James said: 'The most emotional hint or facial expression of distress comes as she talks of her children and her chin begins to pucker and lift slightly in what can often signal the start of tears.<br>'The moment her head jerks and falls down to her lap in another clip looks dramatic but is less revealing as she is performing a cut-off by hiding her face and in the clip we only get to see what looks like a gulping movement as she looks up again.'<br>Mrs Vardy also discussed the moment she phoned Mrs Rooney after her famous Instagram post accusing her of leaking stories.<br>Analysing her body language when talking about her rival, Ms James said: 'When Rebekah relates her contact with Coleen her micro facial movements suggest disgust and rejection.<br>'In many ways she mimes the ritual of a baby rejecting food.  Her browns pucker into a frown, her top lip curls upward and she even performs a tongue-poke as her head shakes from side to side.' <br>  'My phone imploded… I said Coleen, what the f*** is this?' Rebekah Vardy reveals moment she confronted Rooney over Wagatha Christie post - but says if she bumped into WAG in street she would take her for coffee as she has 'no bad feelings'By Laurence Dollimore and Kaya Terry for MailOnline <br> has revealed the moment she asked : 'What the f*** is this?' following her now infamous  post, in which she was accused of leaking a slew of stories about her WAG rival to the press. <br>The 40-year-old was enjoying a trip to  when she saw Coleen, 36, had taken to social media to accuse her of leaking stories to the Sun newspaper following her own months-long 'sting operation', ending the post with the now immortal words: 'It's...  Rebekah Vardy's account.' <br>Speaking out today after refuting the claim and taking it to the High Court - sparking a sensational £3million libel battle, which she lost last week - the wife of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, 35, said she was in shock upon reading the accusation.<br>However she extended an olive branch to Coleen, admitting that she would 'take her to Cafe Nero' for a coffee if she bumped into her in the street, as she is not one to 'hold a grudge.' <br>Speaking in an exclusive interview with Clemmie Moodie of , Rebekah said Coleen had called her from a withheld number in the moments before openly accusing her on October 9, 2019. <br>She said: 'All of a sudden my phone imploded.  I had a missed call from a withheld number, but then she (Coleen) messaged me and said: 'I've been trying to call you'.<br>'I picked up the phone and called her and basically said, 'What the f*** is this?'<br>'Her response was quite rude, quite harsh, and she basically just said, 'You know what this is'.  And at that point I really didn't know what it was. It was like, 'No, surely this can't be real; no one would do that.'<br>The comments were Mrs Vardy's most detailed yet about her emotional reaction to the bitter court battle. <br>          more videos                                                                            DM.later('bundle', function() DM.molFeCarousel.init('#p-36', 'channelCarousel',  "activeClass" : "wocc", "pageCount" : "3.0", "pageSize" : 1, "onPos": 0, "updateStyleOnHover": true ); );          (image:  )    At one point Mrs Vardy tells McCann 'I'm going to try' and puts her head in her hands.  The presenter hosted last week's Tory leadership debate before it had to be caused when she fainted<br>They illustrate the psychological toll on the WAG following one of the most high profile and embarrassing celebrity spats of recent times.  <br>But it seems Rebekah is ready to forgive and forget, adding that if she saw her in the street tomorrow she would ask her 'if she wanted to go for a Caffe Nero.'<br>She later claims she 'reached out' to Coleen in November last year but did not get a response, before insisting she has no 'bad feelings' towards her.<br>She says she wished she had 'done things differently' and that her timing was 'terrible', but that she ultimately does not 'blame her'. <br>Rebekah said her main gripe was with 'the process' and the judge 'getting it wrong.' <br>The exclusive interview is likely part of a series of efforts to restore her reputation that may include a documentary, a biography and two retail campaigns. <br>Mrs Vardy was told by a High Court judge that her evidence was 'evasive and implausible; and was accused of deliberately deleting WhatsApp messages central to the case.<br>      (image:  )      Jamie Vardy (pictured) was pictured for the first time yesterday since the sensational Wagatha Christie verdict, behind the wheel of his £130,000 Bentley<br>      (image:  )        Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy together in 2016.  The WAGs have ended up in court in the libel trial of the year and Mrs Vardy's reputation is in tatters after bringing the case and losing<br>In her ruling, the judge said it was 'likely' that Mrs Vardy's agent at the time, Caroline Watt, 'undertook the direct act' of passing the information to The Sun.<br>But she added: 'Nonetheless, the evidence ... clearly shows, in my view, that Mrs Vardy knew of and condoned this behaviour, actively engaging in it by directing Ms Watt to the private Instagram account, sending her screenshots of Mrs Rooney's posts, drawing attention to items of potential interest to the press, and answering additional queries raised by the press via Ms Watt.<br>The judge added: 'In my judgment, the conclusions that I have reached as to the extent to which the claimant engaged in disclosing to The Sun information to which she only had access as a permitted follower of an Instagram account which she knew, and Mrs Rooney repeatedly asserted, was private, suffice to show the single meaning is substantially true.'<br>For a week in May, the case captivated millions who were left open-mouthed by the evidence including explosive and expletive-filled Whatsapp messages sent by Ms Vardy as well as Coleen's evidence about leaking false stories about her private life to find who was giving them to the tabloids and how her marriage almost fell apart after her husband Wayne was caught drink-driving with a party girl.<br>Mrs Vardy admitted that she 'felt sick' following the ruling, which is likely to cost her and her husband millions in damages and legal costs. <br>She said she now receives a torrent of abuse online and is scared to go out in public after being approached in the street. <br>She said people would say things 'behind her back' and that she would receive '100 abusive' messages per day. <br>      (image:  )          Rebekah Vardy denied that photos of her and Coleen Rooney together at an international football match (pictured) were a 'set up' following information from a photography agency<br>Mrs Vardy said trolls sent her letters accusing her of being 'linked to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann' and of being a member of ISIS. <br>She said it was 'as if I'd murdered someone', revealing how she received a litany of death and rape threats. <br>The WAG also revealed that several of those sending vile abuse have been arrested by police, leading to numerous 'letters of apology.'<br>When asked if she is impressed by Coleen's detective skills, after she posted 50 stories on her private Instagram account and only let one person view them to see who was behind the leaks, Mrs Vardy branded the whole thing 'ridiculous.' <br>She said that she would 'never do that to someone' and that she would have instead gone to their house to 'have a conversation'.  <br>      (image:  )      Happy: A victorious Coleen Rooney was seen laughing in the stands at Old Trafford on Sunday - after winning her libel case against Becky Vardy<br>Legal expert Mark Stephens has dashed cold water on any ideas Mrs Vardy may have had in terms of an appeal and described her decision to go to court as 'ill-advised'.<br>He told MailOnline: 'She has got no hope whatsoever of appealing.  The judge has made findings on the fact, in order to appeal she has to demonstrate that the judge has erred in law some way - and she has not.<br>'This case was always ill-advised. If you go into a libel courtroom, the lawyers are paid to dissect you. They did it. They damaged both women reputationally. <br>'Unfortunately for Vardy the stain will be very long lived. She will be better off retiring to a Scottish island and not saying much ever again.<br>'An appeal is going to be throwing good money after bad and this is already an own-goal.  What you don't want is an own hattrick that makes a disaster out of a crisis.'<br>Media litigator Matthew Dando, a partner at Wiggin LLP, told MailOnline: 'It is a devastating and damning judgment for Rebekah Vardy that leaves her credibility in tatters. It is hard to imagine a stronger judicial condemnation of her evidence. <br>          more videos                                                                            DM.later('bundle', function() DM.molFeCarousel.init('#p-47', 'channelCarousel',  "activeClass" : "wocc", "pageCount" : "3.0", "pageSize" : 1, "onPos": 0, "updateStyleOnHover": true ); );              more videos                                                                            DM.later('bundle', function() DM.molFeCarousel.init('#p-48', 'channelCarousel',  "activeClass" : "wocc", "pageCount" : "3.0", "pageSize" : 1, "onPos": 0, "updateStyleOnHover": true ); );    'It will do real damage to Rebekah Vardy's finances too as she will have to pay Coleen Rooney's legal costs as well as her own.<br>'It is hard to imagine Rebekah Vardy emerging from this with anything less than a fatal wound to her character and credibility'.<br>TV production companies planning to make a documentary telling her side of the story are expected to offer between £50,000 and £250,000 for her involvement, according to The Times. <br>Streaming giants Netflix, Amazon and Disney are already believed to be battling it out to broadcast Mrs Rooney's side of the legal battle made by Lorton Entertainment - the same company responsible for the feature film on Wayne.<br>A source close to Coleen said she could be in line for 'several million pounds' for her participation.   <br>Mrs Vardy had sued Mrs Rooney for libel over her claim that she had leaked details of her private life to the press. <br>It followed an elaborate sting operation that saw Coleen post fake stories on her Instagram in order to see which ones ended up in The Sun. <br>Justice Steyn, said in her ruling that Coleen had successfully proved her allegation was substantially true.<br>      (image:  )        Coleen Rooney (pictured at court on May 17) is mulling a new TV series about the court case<br>Mrs  and her footballer husband have been left with a £3million legal bill after Mrs Justice Steyn ruled in favour of Mrs Rooney in a judgment that said swathes of her evidence given under oath had been 'manifestly inconsistent', 'not credible' and needed to be treated with 'very considerable caution'.<br>The huge legal bill means the Vardys may be forced to sell their beloved Portuguese villa to cover the costs. <br>The bombshell verdict from Court 13 of the High Court was handed down remotely online last week by Mrs Justice Steyn just over two months after the trial in May. <br>Mrs Vardy's failed libel suit has been branded the most ill-advised in history.<br>However she still insists she was not the person who leaked the stories about Coleen to the media. <br>She told the Sun that she 'would do it all again tomorrow' as she is 'innocent.' She also revealed that she has four documentary offers on the table. <br>Rebekah, who now risks losing a quarter of the £12million fortune she shares with Jamie Vardy, said: 'I am extremely sad and disappointed at the decision that the judge has reached.  It is not the result that I had expected, nor believe was just. I brought this action to vindicate my reputation and am devastated by the judge's finding.<br><div class="art-ins mol-factbox news" data-version="2" id="mol-36d1a5e0-131a-11ed-b547-5b0f62760430" website Vardy makes jibe about Wayne and Coleen Rooney&apos;s marriage
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