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Disgraced CNN host Chris Cuomo will join NewsNation for a show at 8pm from October 3, DailyMail.com can reveal.<br>The TV anchor will get a multimillion dollar salary for his role with the fledgling media outfit, which will be taped from Manhattan.<br>The 51-year-old is also set to continue to receive an extensive wardrobe and travel allowance at his new gig.<br>Sources told DailyMail.com conservative commentator Bill O'Reilly will only ever feature as a guest on the network but will not be a full-time contributor.<br>Meanwhile insiders shot down claims ex-Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly is gearing up for a role at the station, saying there had never been chats about her joining.<br>The move marks Cuomo's first attempt at recovering his career since he was booted off CNN last year.<br>He had tried to help his brother - former New York governor Andrew - when dozens of women came forward to accuse him of harassment.<br>              (image:  )    Bookcases and black and white prints line the walls in Chris Cuomo's Manhattan apartment which serves double-duty as his home studio<br>      (image:  )    Chris Cuomo makes an embarrassing admission that he's working from home because he has no other option<br>      (image:  )    NewsNation has become a sanctuary for disgraced broadcasters. Fallen Fox News host Bill O'Reilly is said to be in talk with the fledgling outfit<br>A spokesman for NewsNation told DailyMail.com Cuomo will broadcast his new program from the cable news outlet's studio in Manhattan.<br>They said: 'In addition to 'Dan Abrams Live,' Chris Cuomo will have a studio at PIX along with other New York based NewsNation shows.'<br>Cuomo has been forced to hustle as a 'free agent' cobbling together money from his podcast The Chris Cuomo Project since he was kicked off CNN.<br>In a recent Instagram post, Cuomo gave a tour of his home set-up, panning across a sound board and computer monitor and strolling through the apartment.<br>'We have everything we need here that I had in the studio - it's just in my home, because I dig the setting,' he says in the video.<br>In the background, tripods, cables and sound-muffling black curtains surround his coffee table and occasional chair.<br>'This is the living room, which we've turned into a sit-down, you know, more casual,' he says.<br>'This is where it's going to happen except when my wife is here or anybody wants to live here. We'll just move the stands.'<br>      (image:  )    Chris Cuomo hangs out at home in his self-styled studio where he's producing his podcast<br>      (image:  )    In an Instagram video, Chris Cuomo sugar-coats his home set up during a tour where tripods and camera cables litter his living room<br>      (image:  )    Cuomo was still able to pull top-level political guests on his podcast, which is ranked fourth on Apple iTunes<br>On the studio tour, Cuomo, dressed in a black T-shirt with the word 'purist' in all capital letters printed on the back, moves into the dining area, which is flooded by studio lights, and then to the kitchen.<br>'Now we have a kitchen, because with a lot of the guests, I'm hanging out and shooting the shit before and after the interview,' he says.<br>'This is it. This is us in New York City. This is now home of the free agent and I'm loving it, because the show doesn't get cozier than when you do it at home.'<br>Cuomo's podcast currently ranks fourth among Apple podcasts, according to the website Chartable.<br>He recently interviewed West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, but don't expect to see a reprise of his chatty interviews with his brother Andrew.<br>'Absolutely not,' a source told . Cuomo suffered a precipitous fall, going into self-produced podcasts after garnering 1.137 million viewers at his height at CNN.<br>      (image:  )    Chris Cuomo will have to do without the travel and clothing allowance that he used to have at CNN<br>      (image:  )    <br>      (image:  )    Cuomo has claimed that former CNN President Jeff Zucker (left) knew about his close relationship with his brother Andrew Cuomo. Zucker resigned last month after it came out that he had an undisclosed romantic relationship with a female network executive<br>A source told the  the son of late New York Governor Mario Cuomo is seen as 'damaged goods.'<br>'I don't think he has a lot of leverage,' the insider told the paper.<br>NewsNation's viewership hovers around 50,000 - with only 8,000 coming from t                                                                        Share this article                  Share                                  He was also accused of sexually harassing former ABC colleague Shelley Ross while they worked at that network together.<br>Ross roasted NewsNation for bringing back Cuomo. 'Cuomo IS the status quo, same old same old arrogant, misogynistic proud member of the old boy's club,' she said.<br>'No one cares what NewsNation's ratings are. I am rooting for something new, fresh and honest.<br>'Just maybe some of us don't see Cuomo as that answer... those who have been disappointed in his lack of genuine contrition.<br>'As he continues to parse his words, hide behind the love of a brother, deny wrongdoing, he remains tone-deaf and phony to many of us.<br>'I'm all for second chances. But I won't believe he is a disrupter until he disrupts something and finds a greater cause than himself.'<br>      (image:  )        (image:  )  The sightings came after Zucker stepped down as president of CNN for failing to disclose his relationship with Gollust when he was being interviewed as part of the investigation into Chris Cuomo. Gollust later resigned as well, with both of them netting payouts from the network<br>      (image:  )    Fallen Fox News host Bill O'Reilly is said to be in talks to be a contributor at NewsNation<br>      (image:  )    Former executive producer for Good Morning America, who was fired amid sexual assault claims, is the president of NewsNation<br>CNN fired him from his lucrative gig, where his ratings had fallen dramatically after his brother's precipitous fall from grace.<br>Cuomo had hoped for an $18million golden parachute when he was jettisoned from his lofty broadcast perch, but instead was shown the door with half of that.<br>Former CNN head Jeff Zucker and the network's marketing executive Allison Gollust whose extra-marital affair was revealed during the probe into Chris Cuomo's behavior, both lost their jobs in the fallout.<br>The newsman sued the network claiming 'Cuomo has had his journalistic integrity unjustifiably smeared, making it difficult if not impossible for Cuomo to find similar work in the future and damaging him in amounts exceeding $125 million, which includes not only the remaining salary owed under the Agreement, but future wages lost as a result of CNN's efforts to destroy his reputation in violation of the Agreement.'<br>His new lower-paying position at NewsNation seems to bolster that claim.<br>The broadcast startup appears to have become a sanctuary for disgraced journalists.<br>Michael Corn, who left his job as the executive producer for Good Morning America amid allegations of sexually assaulting female subordinates, has found a home at NewsNation as the president of the company. <br>Corn denied the accusations and in June, a New York state Supreme Court judge dismissed a lawsuit by one of his accusers that claimed he forcibly touched and kissed her while they were traveling in Los Angeles for coverage of the 2015 Academy Awards.<br>                    adverts.addToArray({"pos":"inread_player"})Advertisement                    data-track-module="am-external-links^external-links">  Read more:                                DM.later('bundle', function()        DM.has('external-source-links', 'externalLinkTracker');    );
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