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and Kate Middleton are 'showing they're normal parents' by 'encouraging children' to be 'fun, playful and spontaneous on public appearances', a body language expert has claimed.<br>The Duke and , both 40, brought their daughter , seven, along for a surprise appearance at the Commonwealth Games yesterday in .<br>The little royal was animated throughout much of the day, beaming enthusiastically and sticking her tongue out as she and her parents took in the action at the swimming, hockey and gymnastics. <br>And when the long day started to get too much, Prince William doted on his seven-year-old daughter, while Kate tucked her hair behind her ears in more restless moments. <br>It's far from the first time the couple have brought one of their children along to a public event this summer - with George attending the Wimbledon final and little Prince Louis stealing the show at the Jubilee events.  <br>Body language expert Judi James told FEMAIL the Duke and Duchess were using techniques to stay 'totally tuned into' their children while 'not showing signals of anxiety' about the high profile events.<br>She explained: 'George, Charlotte and Louis are not only allowed to be playful, fun, spontaneous and even cheeky in public, they are actively encouraged by their mum and dad, who often look at their most proud and most doting when they are doing so.'<br>      (image:  )    Prince William and Kate Middleton are 'showing they're normal parents' by 'encouraging children to be themselves on public appearances' , a body language expert has claimed<br>      (image:  )        (image:  )  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have brought their children to a number of events this summer - including the Jubilee (left) and Wimbledon Men's Final (right) <br>Judi revealed: 'William and Kate's parenting duties were always going to be unique as they're inducting a prince, princess and future king into the rules, traditions and formalities of the royal family as well as allowing three small children to have as much fun and freedom as possible as they do so.<br>'What we have been seeing during their most recent public outings is how well they are managing the ‘normal' aspect of their parenting, making them look like many other families taking their kids on a day out.<br>  RELATED ARTICLES                  Share this article Share    'Their techniques seem to involve remaining totally tuned into their children, while not appearing to fuss or show signals of anxiety that might be natural given the profile of the events they have been attending.'<br>She went on to say that Kate and William 'are gradually allowing their own behaviour to be led by their children', adding: 'Kate will still show expressions of firmness at times but both she and William were mirroring Charlotte at the Games.<br>      (image:  )        (image:  )  Earlier this summer, royal fans went wild after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were joined by their three children at various Jubilee celebrations, with four-year-old Louis' antics stealing the show <br>      (image:  )      Judi explained the Duke and Duchess are 'actively encouraging' their children to be 'playful' and 'spontaneous' during royal events <br>'Kate's facial expressions looking far more animated than usual to fit in with her daughter, while William was providing a complementary state of playful mock shock as Charlotte did her emphatic ‘thumbs up' ritual. <br>'All three then came together in some sweetly mirrored poses that showed how like-minded and evenly-bonded they are as a family group.'<br>Meanwhile Judi said the couple also appeared to have instilled an understanding of embracing the more traditional side of royalty alongside the fun. <br>She said: 'Alongside the encouraged and even mimicked or mirrored spontaneity and states of uninhibited joy that we can see the family sharing there is also a very obvious royal induction programme in place, too.<br>      (image:  )    Meanwhile they also took Prince George along to the Men's Final at Wimbledon, where Kate was seen chatting and beaming with her son  <br>      (image:  )        (image:  )  The body language expert said Prince William and Kate both use 'constant tie-signs of touch or eye contact' to 'create a silent support system' on royal engagements <br>      (image:  )    The body language expert explained how Prince George appeared 'aware of royal etiquette' and was 'learning to embrace the more traditional side of royalty' <br>'All three children appear aware of royal etiquette and their handshakes, social smiles and even their small talk techniques are improving with every outing, showing that despite the sense of freedom to express themselves and have fun they are also learning to embrace the more traditional side of royalty that William and Kate have always championed.'<br>She continued: 'The ‘tuning in' techniques of William and Kate seem to be a big part of their success in normalizing their children's behaviour. <br>'Both use constant tie-signs of touch or eye contact that create a silent support system as well as a means of offering encouragement or comfort when necessary.<br>'Like all young children, the Cambridge's moods will change from moment to moment, ranging from extrovert to shy or animated and joyful to bored and anxious.<br>'Kate and William always look on top of their game, providing the right responses and touches at the right time but backing off rather than telling off when their children are enjoying themselves.'<br>'This tuning by touch also allows for growth in terms of status and control signals.<br>'George was seen taking the control role at the jubilee, nudging his dad to get to his feet when the royal carriage went by and Charlotte was seen leading Kate into their seats at the Games.'<br>      (image:  )        (image:  )  Meanwhile Judi pointed to Princess Charlotte 'taking the control role' at the Commonwealth Games as she led her mother to their seats in the Aquatic Centre <br>      (image:  )    The family appeared animatedly as they sat next to one another in the stands of the aquatic centre to watch the swimming heats<br>      (image:  )    The body language expert said the Duchess was looking 'more animated than usual' as Charlotte gave an emphatic ‘thumbs up' ritual yesterday <br>'But then there are also those moments of comfort that range from head touches, hair-stroking and cheek-touches to show affection and support, to the way William will lower his head right down to Charlotte's level to give her exclusive, undivided attention and mutter words of empathy.<br>Earlier this summer, royal fans went wild after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were joined by their three children at various Jubilee celebrations, with four-year-old Louis' antics stealing the show.<br>He was seen pulling faces during several of the events, and gesturing at his mother Kate Middleton.<br>At one point, he even stuck his hand over her mouth, presumably in an attempt to make her stop talking.<br>      (image:  )    The body language expert pointed to the way William 'lowered his head right down to Charlotte's level' during the event yesterday to 'give her exclusive, undivided attention'<br>      (image:  )        (image:  )  The outing, which saw Charlotte (centre) attend the Commonwealth Games with her parents Kate Middleton (left) and Prince William (right) marked the first time Charlotte has made a public appearance without her brothers Prince George, 8, and Prince Louis, 4<br>And the couple were equally attentive when they took their eldest son Prince George to the Wimbledon men's final last month. <br>He was seen hiding his face, laughing and wincing as he watched the action unfold on the court. <br>Yesterday, Prince William was the picture of fatherly pride as he took Charlotte to the Commonwealth Games.<br>The little princess shook hands with dignitaries, smiled for photographs, and cheered on the athletes, all under the watchful eye of her parents.<br>Charlotte, who wore a £44 striped Rachel Riley dress, put on an animated display, giving her father a thumbs up, pulling funny faces, and even sticking her tongue out and she soaked up the atmosphere.<br>Meanwhile the Duke was snapped tenderly moving a lock of his daughter's hair out of her face while he spoke to the youngster.<br>    adverts.addToArray({"pos":"inread_player"})Advertisement
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