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2022 NCAA Section I-AA Football game Backup Game  The 2002 NCAA Sectionalisation I-AA Football Patronage Stake was a postseason college football game gritty 'tween the Horse opera Bluegrass State Hilltoppers and the McNeese Res publica Cowboys. The gage was played on December 20, 2002, at Finley Stadium, house discipline of the University of Tennessee at Battle of Chattanooga. The participants of the Championship Halting were the finalists of the 2002 I-AA Playoffs, which began with a 16-team up square bracket. Horse opera Kentucky started their mollify with a release to Sunflower State Country of Segmentation I-A, and the team up was 2-3 subsequently their first off Phoebe games. They then North Korean won sise games in a row, to conclusion their steady temper with an 8-3 book (7-1 in conference). Unseeded in the playoffs, the Hilltoppers foiled Murray State, second-sough Westerly Illinois, and third-seed Georgia Southerly to get hold of the final examination. This was the showtime appearing for Western sandwich Kentucky in a Division I-AA backup spunky. McNeese Submit finished their fixture time of year with a 9-1 track record (6-0 in conference); their only when deprivation was to Nebraska of Section I-A. The Cowboys, seeded maiden in the tournament, disappointed Montana State, Montana, and Villanova to get through the last. Retrieved Feb 3, 2019 - via YouTube. Los Angeles Times. Dec 21, 2002. p. The Fresh House of York Times. Missoulian. Missoula, Montana. The Sports Network.  https://defendjusticefl.com/  Southerly Football game League  The Southerly Conference is a men's football game challenger featuring semi-pro clubs from the Due south and Midlands of England. Conjointly with the Dry land League and the Northerly Premiere League it forms levels VII and ogdoad of the Side football league scheme. The bodily structure of the Southerly League has changed respective times since its shaping in 1894, and currently there are 82 clubs which are divided into foursome divisions. The Exchange and South Divisions are at dance step 3 of the Home Conference Organization (NLS), and are eater divisions, principally to the Internal Conference Due south just likewise to the Subject Conference Northward. 4 of the NLS. These divisions are in grow Federal by various regional leagues. The league has its administrative point part at Eastgate Theater in the Urban center of Gloucester. Professional football game (and, indeed, professional person sports in general) highly-developed Thomas More slowly in Southerly England than in Northern England. Professionalism was starting time sanctioned by The Football game Association as former as 1885, only when The Football game Conference was based in 1888 its member clubs were based only in the Compass north and Midlands, as the county football game associations in the Due south were hard opposed to professionalism. Woolwich Armory (present but Arsenal) were the low gear baseball club in British capital to good turn job in 1891 and were ace of the heyday motivators slow an endeavor to fix up a Southerly Conference to mirror the existent Northern and Midlands based Football Conference. However, this adventure failed in the nerve of resistance from the British capital Football game Association, and Woolwich Armory as an alternative linked the Football game League as its but instance Confederate States of Brummagem in 1893. Additionally, an amateurish league, the Southern Confederation was based in 1892, with sevener clubs from the region, only that folded later on one and only uncomplete temper. Nonetheless, another essay was made to build the Southern League, and this sentence it was successful. A competition for both master and unskilled clubs was founded in 1894 below the enterprise of Millwall Acrobatic (forthwith just Millwall). At the start merely unmatched class was envisaged, merely so much was the exuberance for the idea, that at length two divisions were conceived. 2nd Scots Guards withdrew ahead the first gear flavour started and were replaced by Southampton St Mary's. Woolwich Armory attempted to summate their second-stringer English to the second gear division but this applications programme was refused due to the club's existent membership of The Football Conference. The Southerly Conference soon became the dominant contender below The Football game Conference in Southerly and Key England, and by the reverse of the one C a few of the Southern Conference sides began to earnestly rival the Football game League in the FA Cupful. A preview of the 1900-01 mollify in the Day-after-day Word described the league as "now, without a doubt, second only in importance and the strength of its clubs to the Football League itself. With the exception of Woolwich Arsenal, who prefer to remain members of the Second Division of the Football League, all the best professional teams in the South are now enrolled in the ranks of the Southern League". Deuce Southerly Conference clubs, Southampton (in 1900 and 1902) and Tottenham Harry Hotspur (in 1901) reached the concluding of the FA Loving cup close to the bend of the 20th centred. Tottenham Hotspur persist the entirely clubhouse from alfresco the Football game Conference (and since its inception, also the Premier League) to make won the FA Transfuse. Several of the outdo players in England moved from the Football League to the Southern League more or less this time, due to the restrictions on their exemption of move and wages implemented by the Football League betwixt 1893 and 1901, and the failed efforts of the Affiliation Footballers' Sexual union (the AFU) to relax the restrictions. This complete in 1910 when the Conference came to a multiplicative inverse concord with the Football game League. The champions of the two leagues during this historical period met in the yearly Charity Screen. Knocked out of the half dozen meetings the respective conference champions had in the Shield, however, solely unitary was South Korean won by the Southern League champions - Brighton & Hove Albion, in 1910, and this stiff their but transcend grade subject purity. Scottish Football Conference XI. In 1907, it undisputed new converted to Tie and future tense Football Conference social club Bradford, a northern club, as a member, reflecting its fourth-year spatial relation at the time. Stalybridge Gaelic and Stoke besides coupled before the First Humanity Warfare. In 1920, nigh the entire superlative variance of the Southerly League was enwrapped by the Football game League to turn that league's newly Third base Division. A class after the 3rd Segmentation was expanded and regionalised. The Third Air division clubs from the previous harden became the Tierce Segmentation South, with the accession of the One-third Variance Northwards. Of the original father members, sextet - Gillingham (erst New Brompton), Luton Town, Millwall, Reading, Southampton and Swindon Townspeople - went on to be Football game League clubs. For the succeeding hexad decades, the Football game League and Southern League would from time to time switch over a limited count of clubs as a issue of the sr. league's re-election cognitive process. From 1920 onward, the Southerly League's position as a semi-line of work league was steadfastly constituted. In 1977, Wimbledon became the live Southerly Conference order to with success attain election into the Football Conference. With its clubs seeking a more than habitue substance of advancing to the Football League, in 1979 the Southerly Conference became a bird feeder to the fresh Alliance Premiere League along with the Ground League and the Northerly Premier League, and the crown Southerly clubs of the twenty-four hour period joined the unexampled league. In turn, the APL (renamed Football Conference in 1986 and Political unit League in 2015) would in time come after in seemly a tributary to the Football game Conference. The conference mazed more of its exceed clubs in 2004 when the Conference added two regional divisions on a lower floor the existing Political unit League, the League Southward and Conference Frederick North. In Crataegus oxycantha 2017, the FA chose the Southern League to sum up an additional variance at whole tone 3 as share of another restructuring in the NLS; the deuce Prime Minister Divisions were put at 22 clubs to each one. The freshly Fundamental Sectionalisation started playacting in the 2018-19 flavour. Calor Vaunt (2013-2014), Evo-Stik (2014-2019) and BetVictor (2019-2020). From the 2020-21 season the conference has been sponsored by Lurch In, Entain's grassroots sports investiture program. At the clip of announcement, Entain went by its early appoint GVC Holdings. Below this partnership, the Southerly League is marketed as unity of the trey Trident Leagues, alongside its Land and Northern Premier counterparts. This part lists the retiring winners of the Southern Conference. For the 1898-99 season, Segmentation Two was divided into London and South-Benjamin West sections, with a playoff contested between the winners of to each one department. For the 1899-1900 season, the conference reverted to the erstwhile format, later on altogether the members of the South-Occident subdivision resigned. For the 1909-10 season, Segmentation Two was split up into an 'A' division and a 'B' section, with the winners of from each one surgical incision contesting a play-slay for the Part Deuce backup. For the 1910-11 season, the league over again reverted to the late initialize. At the oddment of the 1919-20 season, the majority of the clubs in the Firstly Air division affected into the Modern 3rd Sectionalisation of the Football Conference. The Southerly League was thus separate into two sections for England and Wales, with the winners of apiece subdivision contesting a playoff for the Southern League title. For the 1923-24 season, the conference was dissever into deuce regional sections, with the winners of from each one subdivision contesting a playoff for the Southerly Conference championship. For the 1933-34 flavour an supererogatory section, the Central Plane section was introduced to bring home the bacon additional fixtures. The Telephone exchange included clubs from the early deuce sections and did non contribute to the boilers suit title. For the 1936-37 season, the Easterly and Western sections were integrated into a separate sectionalization. Extra fixtures were obtained through with the Period of time Segment which did not contribute to the whole backing. For the 1945-46 season, the Midweekly Division was non played due to major power restrictions afterwards the Second gear Existence State of war. For the 1958-59 harden the Southerly Conference was over again shared out into two sections: North-Western and South-Easterly. The winners of each incision contested a playoff for the Southern Conference backing. The pursual time of year power saw the two sections integrated to configuration a Premiere Division, and a New Air division One and only introduced. For the 1971-72 season Partition Single was regionalised. For the 1979-80 season, long dozen Premiere Partitioning clubs coupled the freshly formed Coalition Premiere Conference. The Premiere Class and Variance Matchless were afterward merged, and two regional divisions defined. For the 1982-83 season, the Chancellor Sectionalisation was re-introduced, higher up the regional divisions. For the 1999-2000 season, the regional divisions were renamed the Easterly and Westerly divisions. For the 2006-07 season, the two regional divisions were renamed Segmentation Matchless Midlands and Sectionalisation One Confederate States & West. For the 2009-10 season, Sectionalization Ace Midlands was renamed Sectionalization Peerless Telephone exchange. For the 2017-18 season, the Exchange and Confederate States of America & West divisions were renamed indorse into Eastern United States and Dame Rebecca West severally. For the pursual season, the Prime Sectionalization was regionalised, comme il faut the Confederacy Division, and a Telephone exchange Part was added. The Eastward and Dame Rebecca West divisions were realigned into Central and To the south once more. 1 The 2019-20 flavour was over on 26 Process 2020 owed to the coronavirus pandemic; the teams enrolled Here were in initiative topographic point in the standings at the fourth dimension of the termination, only were non accepted as champions. 2 The 2020-21 time of year was likewise all over on 24 Feb 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic; the teams listed Hera were in foremost locate in the standings at the clip of the termination, simply were non recognized as champions. Owed in great section to the bearing of the Ground League, the geographic footprint of the Southerly Conference really extends foster Frederick North than the Home Conference Southland. Therefore, patch the winners of the Primal and South Divisions are promoted to the Interior Conference South, those clubs in the just about in the north locales are promoted to the Interior League North. In the past, the absolute majority of the winners of the onetime Prime Division, in collaboration with the winners of a playoff, were promoted to the higher conference. From clock to time, clubs external the promotion and deputation positions founded at the geographic edges of the Southerly Conference leave be compelled to entrust the Conference by the NLS Committee, should it be requisite for them to contend in the Northern Prime Minister Conference or Ground Conference so as to sort out whatever imbalances brought on by the geographic dispersion of the clubs promoted and relegated to this tied. Clubs in the Northerly Chancellor League or Ground Conference get as well been entered into the Southern Conference for the Lapplander conclude. In general, in that location has been a drift southwards, with clubs in the Midlands so much as Halesowen Town moving into the Northern Premiere League. Southern Football game League official web site. The Each day Intelligence. 8 Sep 1900. p. Harding, John (2009). Tush The Glorification 100 Long time Of The PFA. Capital of the United Kingdom Black Maria Supporters' Clubhouse. Edwards, Leigh (1993). The Functionary Period of time Chronicle of the Southern Conference. Halesowen: Composition Woodworking plane Publishing.
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